Friday, September 20, 2013

Rose Selection

Here are the rose type we provide: white, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple. Our best selling rose is Passion Red Rose,  it's a two tone red rose, with velvet red on the inner side of the petals, and white on the outer side.

Here is the bouquet of passion red rose:

We can provide blue rose too:

Pick your favorite color and buy flower today!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bear Bouquet Collection

Our Bear Bouquets are made for those who like bouquet of something sweet that don't withered.
I make them in batch. So each batch is unique and slightly different from the previous.

These are the single bear batch 1:

I made 2 version of the first batch single bear bouquet, (smaller)bear only and (small) bear  with flower
Photo taken at our booth at central park mall 3rd floor, Jakarta.
They're all already adopted by loving hands.. So, bear bouquet batch 1 not available anymore.

These are batch 2:

The bear are decorated with crystal all over their bodies. And they are bear-only bouquet. I like to call them single and available bear bouquet. As of today, only 2 left of them.

These are batch 3:

These are the new batch, with crystal bear, flowers and feather. The photo taken in the low-light room, hence the noise.. they're so much better than their look on this photo.

Go ahead, adopt one for your bear loving friends or your dearest loved one. See ya at our booth!