Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Pink Artificial Roses Brooch Bouquet

This is so far my favorite brooch bouquet. I love the color so much. Pink and silver is a great combination.
Made for my customer, Ms. Wen. She also order bridesmaid bouquet and family corsages (boutonniere).
Need some time to arrange those roses, but it's all worth it.
Surely, this will be popular color combination from now on.
And, check out the back ground, it is oil on canvas. I'm crazy about sea foam green now. sea foam green and pink (and a hint of silver) would be a perfect dress for me. Too bad there isn't any special occasion to make the dress happen.
Anyway, thanks for soon to be Mrs Wen to make this pretty bouquet happen. Hope she'll like it and have a great wedding and marriage.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Light Blue Teardrop Jewel Bouquet

Thanks for my favorite customer, Ms. Amstrong, for the first time, Floever product is sent to other country.
This brooch bouquet is now on a good hand. Hope everyone in the wedding will love it.

Now, Floever's bouquet had arrived in Australia, and (hopefully) brighten up her days. I'm really grateful that we have liable postal service.
Our POS Indonesia cooperate with DHL for international postal service.